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Well, first I'd like to introduce myself. I am Wolfgang Zimmer - you can see by the name of theURL of the website, at the moment, mid 2019 just over 60 years old, I am married and have two daughters.

With a website you always ask yourself what I write there, what I give of myself, my family or whatever.


I live with my family in Dillingen in the Saarland, have been working with computers since the late ´70ern, am autodidact in this respect, which is sometimes quite annoying, because I have to do many things x times, until it works like this. But more about that in the "Leisure" section. My wife works at a school here in Dillingen, my daughters attend the local grammar school since 2010.

All four of us enjoy travelling, the girls play sports, more precisely handball. Currently they are playing in the 1st women's team at the HG Saarlouis. "Besides" they study law or teaching.

Meanwhile I do the "Geocaching" wherever I am and where I find corresponding caches, I, that is HyppoderEinzige with my fellow cachers Skrolan3, Schokokeks99 and Keksmonster xD, often in the "Team 4plusX".

Team 4plusx

The "Team 4plusX", that are Teamboss HyppoderEinzige, Skrolan3 and the currently not so cacheenthusiastic Schokokeks99 and Keksmonster xD.

It all started in May 2012, when an acquaintance at a birthday party said he wanted to show the girls the "Geocaching". And so it went late in the evening in a bigger group to the meanwhile archived "GC1GYBV Feuer und Stahl", which was around the corner.

At that time I wasn't there myself, but only one week later I logged my very first cache, the "GC1K49V Kreuzkapelle Püttlingen".


What's there to say?

Well, "The secretary" is of course a little insolence of mine, resulting from the fact that Silvia is always faster at the pen than I am and therefore mostly takes over the log entries when geocaching.

Right at the beginning of our cache career she was always there, always concerned about our security, always "turning her mobile phone", because the directional arrow was not really there.

But she also has a nose and is much more patient than the boss.

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