The "Boss"

Well, at least that's what she thinks - sometimes!

No, seriously, this year, 2019, Silvia reached the age of 55, which was also celebrated with a suitable geocache event, the "55 - Repdigit".

Having grown up in the "contemplative" residential town in Überherrn, she attended the girls' secondary school in Völklingen until the fuss about her professional future became too much for her and she began her training - with a master craftsman's diploma - as a lathe operator at the Burbacher Hütte.15 years later she then had me on her cheek, after a long period of reflection the question stood in the air: "Dough or quality of life?

And so she applied to the district of Saarlouis for an advertised position as janitor - and won! She has been employed there since 1995, and a few years later she was employed at a school in Dillingen.

1999 then the birth of our twins, the job went on, the education was in my hands. Social commitment, years of support for a stroke patient, from 2015 support for Syrian family in integration, always active.

2017 then a mental setback - cancer! But even here she is always active, sometimes seemingly better informed about diagnoses and treatment options than her doctors - that's how she is.

And then in 2019 the first own geocaches, laid in Dillingen, one of them for "her" stroke patient, "Skrolan3's Erster".

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