Last but not least - The team

Well, that's a strange name, but it's got a story.

At the beginning of our cacher story there were often four of us, Me, Silvia and our offspring Lena and Kira. On our tours we were accompanied by friends and acquaintances, some also geocachers, some simply "Muggles" - unsuspecting normal people who didn't know anything about geocaching.

And because it was never clear whether someone and who accompanied us, we became "Team 4plusX", that is us four and somebody!

In the course of the years - since 2012 - the girls lost interest in geocaching, school, handball and friends became more important, the team name remained, sometimes also as 1/2 "Team 4plusX" on the way.

Nevertheless, we can still rely on them for particularly tricky caches that require sportiness, agility, etc.

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