My Humble Self

Even as a child we were on the road a lot, be it on holiday, mostly to Italy, be it as carers in AWO holiday camps, mainly to the North Sea. To have up to 80 children for 14 days or three weeks, that really made me feel good at that time. Maybe that's why I became a father so late.

Besides I kicked for years hobby-like, in a so-called bar team. Saturday training in the "White Cross Stadium", tournaments in the area several times a year and a tournament in Tblissi, Georgia as the crowning event. In the late 1990s a cruciate ligament rupture at the Saturday kick and end of the "career".

As already mentioned, since the late '70s computers, everything as autodidacts, sometime then programming websites, the computing always accompanies me.

Then, in my first Caribbean vacation I got my diving license, actually more for fun. But six years later I took it seriously, went to a diving club in Dillingen and at the beginning of 2000 10 days to Hurghada, 2 dives a day. From then on I did about 150 dives until 2007 - and suddenly I had no more fun diving.

And then in 2010 dragon boating was added to the list, at least three regattas a year, weekly training, this year even 2 units per week, if it could be done. Until a thrombosis also brought this career to a - mental - end.

And ever since, mainly geocaching, laying caches, organizing events, searching for caches and solving mysteries.

Last but not least, I am a bookworm and a television freak, always looking for THE film or THE series. My favorites were "Dr. House", "Heroes", "Weeds" and "Hung" in the series, "Startrek 11 - Der Anfang", "Abyss", "Avatar" and "Lammbock" in the movies.

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