Well, they have always been a topic, sometimes Italy, sometimes Egypt, very often Spain, especially "La Gomera" and last but not least Croatia, at the moment the favourite.


The game that was called "Schnitzeljagd" in my youth and is now played by millions of players worldwide with a GPS receiver or smartphone. My entry was in 2012, currently I have found almost 3400 schnitzel - oh nonsense caches.



Already years ago I have dealt with the website programming, had several websites running, have done nothing in the meantime. Then I started with Wordpress, but in the end the only truth remains:

"Don't be unfaithful to TYPO3!"


You wouldn't believe it, but a part of my family is very important to me, especially my own little family - Silvia, Lena and Kira. And somehow it seems to work the other way round, despite their 20 years I still have the girls on my cheek.


No, I'm not indulging in racism, it's getting on my nerves, and it's huge. That is why I am committed wherever I can.


Yes, I confess, I am a television, computer but also reading freak. Besides, I am multitasking - then I do everything together.


Nah, not really! I used to kick hobby and went to Spain by bike, dived and played squash, but the times are over. Today I'm a passive sportsman and fan, I only ride my bike - from time to time and with motor support.

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