As written before ....

... sport is not my favourite thing now, at least not anymore. It used to be quite different, I was a bit more active. Be it as a hobby kicker, a crosser of France by bike, an occasional quasher or a service paddler, as a deep diver or a tormentor of a chess board, everything has been done before, some over a longer period of time, some only for a short time.

Diving, I really went through that for a longer time, but that has a lot to do with trust and at some point the dive center of my trust in Valle Gran Rey changed hands because Frank moved back home and then it was over. It just wasn't fun anymore and when I got a thrombosis, I sold all my rubbish - end, end, end.

I also went dragon boating together with Silvia for a few years, but after a TAMTAM here in Dillingen the above mentioned thrombosis occurred and then it clicked in my head, and I was completely blocked, didn't want to sit cramped in a boat anymore.

Anyway, I've got an e-bike since recently and now it's often back on the road again. And of course watching the girls handball - very important for Silvia and me.

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