On the highway, ....

The plan was clear, today it should go to Neunkirchen for the birthday celebration. It started punctually, at 17 o'clock it should start. Between Heusweiler and cross Saarbr├╝cken, with about 120 km on the fast lane then strange noises. At first we thought about the road surface, but we were not comfortable. So we rented the parking lane about 600m before the cross.

In the back left there was no more tire, the complete flank was gone, the tread has - hopefully - saved the aluminium rim, which fortunately didn't fly away. Warning triangle searched, warning triangle found, positioned far behind the car.

And then called the ADAC, because on the motorway side I'm not working on the car. Actually, the Luxembourg TOTAL insurance was supposed to take effect, but the employee on the phone reacted quite gruffly and referred to his evening off before he simply hung up.

Just 2 hours later the ADAC man arrived, he had misunderstood the location and was looking for us on the wrong motorway. My goodness, that's a miserable job. With each truck that showed up, the work was interrupted, the man went behind my car, until the truck was away, continued then. Somehow significant. It's also telling that not a single driver would have taken his foot off the gas in all the time we were standing there.

Well, everything went well, spare wheel on it, formalities done and then home again, all four with shaky knees.

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