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Egypt is a state in northeastern Africa with over 97 million inhabitants and an area of over one million square kilometres. The megacity of Cairo is the Egyptian capital and the largest metropolis in Africa and Arabia. The Greater Cairo conurbation is one of the world's most populous urban regions. Further megacities of the country are Alexandria and Giseh. In terms of GDP per capita, Egypt ranks 94th out of 190 countries (2016, PPP). In the human development index, Egypt ranked 111 out of 188 countries in 2016.

Ancient Egypt is considered one of the early advanced civilizations of the world. Since its Arab-Islamic expansion, Egypt has been included in the Mashreq region of the Arab region. As an intercontinental state it has a land bridge from the greater African part to Asia, to the Sinai Peninsula. The revolution of 2011 changed the social and political conditions in the country. In the democracy index, Egypt ranks 130th out of 167 in 2017.

German source: Wikipedia

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