After a quite long drive towards the Atlantic Ocean and crossing the Chesapeakebai Bridge (about 6km long) we reached Atlantic City in the evening. In the surrounding countryside Atlantic City is the "Las Vegas" of the east coast. Casino follows casino.

The check-in alone was worth the trip. Even today it is simply incomprehensible to me how people with an oxygen device and wheelchair, in a jogging suit and no further luggage live in Nobelschuppen, only to do nothing else but gamble their money into one-armed bandits, at the roulette table or at Baccarat.

Well, for everyone there was a voucher for 25 dollars to gamble away. At the end of the evening I was at +/- 0 Dollar, end.

The awakening the next morning was frightening. No, not really the awakening, only later while strolling through the city. On every corner people with plastic cups begging for money just to gamble it away again in the evening. So for me that was nothing.

Two days later we went back to Lagrangeville at the Hudson River, party again and enjoy the last days in the USA. Also really recommendable was our flight with Singapore Airlines, an airline I can only recommend to everybody.

New York

So the next day we went to the train station and off to New York.

Well, unfortunately we only had one day to get to know the city and that was clearly not enough. The whole thing turned out to be stress, shopping mile, Empire State Building, Central Park, .... !

Too little to fall in love, too much to get to know New York in peace. But we will do it again sometime and then take more time.

Still, it was impressive, this size, this traffic, all the stuff around it.

A few days and a party later we had to pack our suitcases and get into the car, small round trip through 5 US states, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey.

Next stop was Washington D.C., capital of the USA. We both liked it very much, basically a cute little town, lots of green areas and just cosy.

And the accommodation was simply great, central location at moderate prices and lavish facilities. In the next days then a little culture tour.

White House, Capitol, FBI, Pentagon and everything else that belongs to it. One of the most depressing was the memorial for the fallen of the different wars in which the USA was involved. An eternally long marble wall, engraved with the names of the fallen and, although in the middle of the week, infinitely long queues of people commemorating the dead.

But Washington was also over at some point, our next destination was Atlantic City.

Land of unlimited possibilities

In 1997 we got to know several people through a chat, among them Silvia from the USA. After a few days an invitation to come and see New York and so on ...

Still a little hesitating, a queasy feeling and off in the plane towards America, more precisely New York. Then the first shock after the arrival.

Outside in the hall 'n very strong Ami with his even stronger wife, waving the US flag !!! Oh dear Mr. Gesangsverein, immediately back in the plane, we are not staying here.

But the two stormed past us. Sweat, drizzle, wheez!

Directly behind two quite nice ones: Silvia and Brian, who greeted us warmly and then:
a limousine that they had rented and then off to "Lagrangeville", a small village in the Hudson Valley.

A nice, typical American house and a few days to relax and get to know each other. The two, respectively five (son Jason and the two dogs Shadow and Dusty were of course also there) made a huge effort, so that we are satisfied. As if we hadn't already been there anyway.

And after two or three days they really got going!

"What do you want to see, we have some ideas!

Actually I wanted to say "Maine" first, as an old Stephen King fan, but then the suggestions came:

New York, Washington and a little gambling in Atlantic City - not bad, Mr. Specht.

Personally, I liked Washington the best, but maybe I didn't see enough of New York. And Atlantic City? ... Well, anyone who likes casinos will feel at home here, it was too hectic for me and the social differences were more than clear. I found it frightening !

United States

The United States of America (abbreviated USA), also called United States (English United States, abbreviated U.S., US) and often also colloquially abbreviated to America (English America), is a federal republic. It consists of 50 federal states, one federal district (the capital Washington, D.C.), five larger territories and several island territories. The 48 contiguous Continental United States (often called Lower 48) and Alaska are located in North America, while Hawaii and smaller outlying areas are in the Pacific and Caribbean, respectively. The country has a very high geographical and climatic diversity with a large variety of animal and plant species.

The United States of America is the third largest state on earth, measured by the area of 9.83 million square kilometers (after Russia and Canada) and measured by the population of about 328 million inhabitants (after China and India). The largest city by population is New York City, major metropolitan areas are Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Washington, Miami, Atlanta, Boston and San Francisco, each with over 5 million inhabitants.

German source: Wikipedia

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